For the past 4 or 5 months I’ve been taking my 10-year-old son to this place weekly for private lessons from Brad. I think my son had very visible improvement in batting and pitching, and I am extremely thankful to Brad.

I am a dad who did not know baseball until my son started playing it (I grew up from a different country). Along these years, we had great coaches in his little league teams, and he grew more and more interested in and is willing to work very hard on this sport. However, there are a lot of kids in a team, and the time he gets from team coaches are limited, and I am not able to give him any technical help. We’ve on and off being taking him to private lessons, but, looking back, those are far less effective comparing to what he is getting from Brad.

Brad starts every lesson with hitting on the tee, and moves to soft toss, then to machines.  Consistently he emphasizes on a number of very basic things (rotation, working on back knee, keep head still, swinging earlier or later for different pitches). My son is building some muscle memories in hitting. He also does much better with pitching, thanks to simple technics he learned from Brad.

Also, with the configuration of the facilities, the lessons go very efficient. Unlike with other private coaches who use public parks, at this place there isn’t much need to spend time setting things up or going around picking up balls; time is much better spent here (btw, Brad does not charge more comparing to other private coaches).

More importantly, Brad is very patient and encouraging. My son feels very comfortable with him, and I use going to see Brad as leverage for him to do other things he doesn’t quite like.

I wish I knew this place earlier, and I highly recommend other parents to try it out.

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Outstanding service, quality machinery, and large facility. Have been here both with team and individually. They offer a monthly plan (unlimited usage for $69) if you intend to use regularly.

You may message 5 more customers today, and your business may make up to 3 more public comments.


Large, clean modern, great instruction, what’s not to like?



Recently opened batting cage is quaint and a good value.  Extremely large buckets of balls and 6 cages.  Great for kids and Little League teams.


Jason D

South Orange County’s Batting Cages, Best Batting Cages & Good Prices!

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